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Thoughts at the Spa

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Watching my wife interact over the phone with salon members she works with, I am overwhelmed by her beauty, sensitivity and just plain compassion to those she interacts with.

Reflecting over the past year, and especially having my eye removed due to cancer, I have been on this journey of adapting to living with one eye. This includes adjusting to a lack of depth perception, and in general, the unknown future and what that holds for me AND the adjustments Daryll has had to make, given my circumstance.

Since my surgery there lingers the thought that the cancer could raise its ugly head. I continue to push down the concern and thought of a revisit by “C”. Case in point…several weeks ago, and out of the blue, a nasty looking crusty bump appeared on the back of my arm. It was cancerous and was removed. Now, the question that lingers in my mind is…will it spread. Did the removal put an end to it? Is there a cancerous deposit somewhere lurking inside of my body?

I struggle to be positive, to trust my doctor, to bury these thoughts…can I keep ”C” at bay with a positive mentality?” I do believe being positive is the best strategy for me, and most certainly, for Daryll. She deserves no less than my being positive. I pray for strength…to ‘man up’ and take these burdens off her shoulders. She doesn’t deserve my cantankerous ways.

Regardless how my venture turns out, I know what a blessing I have with Daryll by my side. She is, and always has been, my sweet ANGEL. Yes, I am blessed AND I am the luckiest man on the planet, even given my cancer ordeal.


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