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Oozing Life

Max, thank you for reintroducing 'ooze' to me.

Such a flexible word, said so many ways.

Ooze, oooze, oooooooze......

Soft, sensual, sexy, rolls off my tongue like warm honey.

It could be said my life's work these days evolves around learning to ooze. I've used words like balance, focus, flexibility to describe what my works about, what my Tai Chi practice emphasises. However, as of today, ooze will become the operative word with the approaching days, events and my practice.

Ooze on my mind when I awoke, I slid out to the deck this morning.

Greeting the morning with a set of Tai Chi, I felt a connectedness, a oneness with the waking morning.

A warmth spread from my centre outward, moving from my 'tan tien' up through my chest seeping slowly outward from my arms to my hands.

Life energy oozed outward through the tips of my fingers, outward toward the ocean. As the energy oozed outward, fingers warmed and I felt a reciprocal energy rolling my way on the crest of waves washing ashore.

Energy out, energy with the cycling....a talking circle created by the ooze of energy to energy from two different, yet connected life forms of the Universe....a feeling one oneness.

Oozing through life will bring me more serenity and peace in all I do. Like water flowing around the rocks in its path, I will ooze around those obstructions on my path. Easier than trying to go through them. That only creates tension, conflict and stress.

Ooze or I lose. be soft vs hard (most of the time). Oozing through life I can be one with all. If not oozing, I am contending. If I am contending it will only lead to pretending. It will lead to faking it till I make it.....the worse of all scenarios since a faker becomes a taker. Simply put, if I do not ooze I will abuse.

Max, again I thank you for the comment "oozing into the day". Much better than speeding which only leads to needing. I choose oozing which leads to cruising.....the best way to travel through life.

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