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Having retired in 2017 from being a Headmaster for pre-school aged children, I moved last year from the USA with my British wife Daryll, who I had originally met in Portland, Oregon where she too had lived in the USA. As I was approaching this new stage of my life I felt it would be exciting to have new experiences and the thought of being in a new country was very appealing to me given I had lived my entire life in America. I also felt it only fair to have my wife return to her native land and family after being away from them for so many years and the fact she had followed and supported me in my work for so many years.

It did not take us long to find our spot and we settled in Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire and everyday as I look over the Wye Valley that I have fallen in love with, knowing that moving here has been one of the best decisions I ever made!

I absolutely love it here in England.

After serving 4 plus years in the U.S. Navy on an aircraft carrier,  I turned my passion and focus toward empowering individuals and groups to new heights of fulfilment and success. I have provided consulting and training services to numerous organisations and companies in America. These experiences have been exciting and varied and have enabled me to meet and build friendships with so many wonderful people around the world. 

Now in England, it is my intention to lead a simpler, less manic life and focus more on holding Seminars based on my book Living In Balance - Reshaping the you Within.  I am also holding and leading classes in Tai Chi Chih having been a certified instructor for over 20 years. Through my BLOG - Reflections on Life you will also find me  sharing my insights, lessons, experiences etc that I have learned through my life journey thus far.

However, when I am not doing all of this - you will find me and my wife taking in the beauty of this beautiful part of England with our quirky German Shepherd, Zynda who like us, has come to love our little spot in paradise.

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