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Thoughts & Confessions from a Private Soul over a Glass of Red Wine..........

Too many ‘starting blocks’…think I will let my fingers decide what direction I will start out on my ‘confessional’ blog "Reflections on Life'......... Oh, and thank you for taking a peek on what I am attempting to do here. I have never been one to share too much openly about anything, unless a few glasses of wine took me by the hand and walked me up to the ‘confessional’ microphone. Speaking about confessions, I am about to open the floodgates (previously unheard of in my narrow arena of candour). This all started in a conversation with my wife Daryll over a glass of wine (and lunch) at one our favourite wine bars in Ross-on-Wye, U.K. But first, a little behind the scenes. We met 21 years ago. I was launching a direct sales company in Portland, Oregon, USA and needed to find a Director of sales. Through several channels I was introduced to a potential candidate for the position. Little did I know that this candidate, whom I hired and who was brilliant in the position, would eventually become my wife. That was 18+ years ago and here I am now starting to open up about what’s bouncing around in my head…a little background first. First, a bit more about me (which I always like). I realize I like talking about me however, I have usually reserved the right to not share what is bothering or concerning me. This kind of candour has not been my forte. However, I can certainly go full bore when it’s about me and it is positive stuff about me (hate to admit this). Well, yesterday over a glass of wine, my wife started asking probing questions that hit the bullseye in terms of getting me to talk about my feelings going on inside of me. Please know that I am most willing to talk about things I’m doing/have done that are positive and productive. I’ve written a book entitled Living in Balance; I’ve served as a CEO of a direct sales company; I’ve been a consultant to the U.S. Federal Government in the Administration for Children and Families; I have been a keynote speaker to several large organizations in the United States and I’m a certified Tai Chi Chih instructor, currently teaching in the town of Ross-on-Wye in the U.K. Why do I live in the U.K.? My wife is natural born citizen of the United Kingdom and we both wanted to live out our days in England. So…you can see that I kind of like talking about all that I have done, and what I am doing at the present time. Daryll gracefully reminds me of this and yesterday, over that glass of wine she started asking me questions (She is a Life Coach however I think she should have been a psychologist too!– ). One question led to another and I found myself thinking , “Damn, she’s good!” She has, without my awareness, got me to spill the beans about what I’m thinking and how I’m feeling. This thinking and feeling revolves around the dramatic event that changed my life (still coming to grips with it). It all started when I went to the eye doctor not long after we moved to England to get new reading glasses. During my eye exam the doctor noticed some area's and pressure measurements that concerned her. She set up an appointment for me to visit an eye surgeon for his opinion. His finding hit me like a thunder bolt. I remember him sitting down next to me and saying these words……..“Jerry, I am going to have to remove your eye. Your eye is full of cancer cells.” What transpired from that meeting was a journey I had never been on EVER!!! TO BE CONTINUED… 14 views

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