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My Epiphany Today

Just listened to President Russell M Nelson's commentary and he moved me to the deepest part of my heart. Why do I know this? Emotion swelled up (from my heart I think) and I could not hold back the tears that swelled in my eyes.

Is this my epiphany?

Am I finally hearing truths that I have in the past pushed away, disregarded, simply denying the emotion that was swelling in my heart?

I have this feeling of opening the floodgates, to allow the truths, that I have consistently denied. A BIG step, but one that requires trust, bravery and accept what I so strongly appear to now believe.

Thank you President Nelson, for opening my heart, to reveal the truth that lies within, and in front of me.

And, a BIG thank you for my lovely wife who has stood by me during the 'ups -and-downs' of my belief system. Yes, I am very blessed with her by my side. She has been patient. And, I love her beyond words.

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