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Knowing people is wisdom; knowing self is enlightenment.

Just returned home from the hospital. It has given me further insight into my world and the lingering thoughts of ‘purpose’ in my life. Strange how a change in the everyday experience of life can veer one (me) off the smooth road of life’s travels where I find myself on a road of twists and turns filled with occasional pot-holes.

Yesterday I went into the hospital for a cat-scan. Was a bit eerie as they strapped me in as I lay on my back, then the sudden jolt as they pushed the button that glided me into the enclosed ‘tunnel’. With eyes closed, I took a deep breath and concentrated on controlling my anxiety (with more deep breaths) as I slowly drifted into the ‘abyss’. I was in the ‘tube’ for a good while (seemed like an eternity). Thoughts flashed through me as I could feel the back and forth of the board I laid on. What are they seeing…what are they looking for…oh, another move…take a deep breath Jerry and visualize the grace life has bestowed upon you…my lovely, supportive wife Daryll and Zynda, our German Shepard fur-baby. What would I do without them??? Another jolt…I think they are done…I hope!! Yes, they are. OK, I can open my eyes now and take another deep breath. Thoughts of awareness come rushing to me:

1. How fragile life can be.

2. How little I (we) know about what lies ahead.

3. How unpredictable life can be.

4. How precious a gift I have in my wife Daryll, and yes, Zynda

5. I just felt ‘life’ smile back at me.

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