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Guardians of the Dark

Her vulnerability exposed,

hidden emotions burst forth

sweeping her down paths unknown

toward fear, anger, frustration and confusion.

Such unabashed expression

flooding up and over high internal walls

that for years protected the vulnerability.

For such invasions were too cutting and harsh

for the softness and love within.

Now, moving down paths together,

meandering the hills and valley,

dragons and demons that accompany each come forth....

no longer hiding behind the hill or lurking around the corner,

they have been called forth by this partnership,

the invitation being to spill their wrath.

These dragons and demons are filled and must speak.

Too long have these guardians been walled in,

each partner holding them prisoner,

locked away deep within where they couldn't be heart,

held captive for too long, an imprisonment driving partners

to pretend, to fake it, to deny truth.

No more.

This relationship calls for no secrets, no demons lurking.

Therefore, today and every day hence,

the chambers deep within will have no lock,

the door left open, freeing the captives,

the guardians of each partners fears, shames and anxieties.

Spilling forth their stories, guardians fall exhausted, spent, yet finally heard,

freeing a partnership of individual burdens held for years.

Keepers of the dark released, each partner freed, a partnership strengthened.

Doors unlocked, walls crumble and barriers disappear

unveiling the inner beauty of each partner,

With purity, grace and souls connected,

they walk hand-in-hand toward their destiny,

two lovers, one energy force of love and gratitude eternally Being.


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