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Children of Creation

Smoke from the fireplace dances in my nostrils

Sweet sounds of Enya caress my ears

Ocean waves voice their opinion in the darkness

Men, children of creation, arrive turning a house into a sanctuary.

Seven men, seven souls, seven seekers, here to explore spaces seldom visited, eating their first breakfast together, sharing stories men share, only in the company of men. Each savouring every ounce of the moment, chewing and swallowing the offering, the food serving more as the invitation to share int he food and drink ech offers in their stories, camaraderie and love toward one another.

We all come in search of the truth, the knowing.

The question is asked "Who am I", However, the truth knows "I Am!"

I am a child of God. I am a man. I am a father. I am a brother. I am a son. I am a seeker. I am a friend, and I AM.

Yet, somehow this isn't enough. So the tricksters, the culture makers teach me I am an educator with a Ph.D. I am a business man, the CEO. I am the degree earned. I am the college attended. I am the position held. I am the neighbourhood lived in, the house lived in, the money made, the stocks held, the car driven, the watch worn, the class fare flown, the church attended, the political party joined, the crowd I run with.

But.....who am I really. Truth hasn't created who I am to the world.

Expectation, fear, should have to, need to, ought to, just do it are the fathers of this creation. So, again I ask "Who am I?" And, again truth says "I AM!" Truth says, "I AM is enough."

I am no different now than when God gave my being life and graced my soul with his truth. I am born of the heavens ancient stardust. My genes hold the memories of God's earliest creations. We all carry the wisdom of our connection to the Universe. And, each time we her its voice we are silenced, left in awe of the connection.

The roar of ocean waves, footprints in the sand, the setting of the sun, the majesty of mountain peaks. They all call us. Why else do people gather at these temples in silence?

We are one with the Universe

We carry within s the voice of God

We are the ultimate Truth.

Listen, ever so gently

and you will hear your truth.

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