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What is a word spoken often by Daryll and directed towards me. "What?" as her eyes meet mine. I have joked that this word will be her legacy, our little inside tale, only known by us. But, my sweet, do you know the origins at how it is you find yourself saying this so often to me?

I will confess to you this day that your "what" is almost always caused by you catching me looking at you. You think I am wondering something, that I have noticed something, yet am not saying anything. The vast majority of times your "what" has questioned my stare, the answer to your what is that I am staring at you, speechless at what my eyes are gazing upon. You are might eighth wonder of the world......your presence captivates me; your beauty leaves me speechless, transfixed upon the gracious presence I am taking in. It's as if you have captured me in a trance as I struggle to take in what I am seeing.

After two decades of your presence, my heart still skips a beat, my entire being is transfixed by what I am taking in. Its Daryll, its my Wife, my lover, my best friend, my eternal partner......and she is so breathtakingly beautiful. In those brief moments, every pore is reacting to what my eyes see, Heavenly Father's daughter, a woman so beautiful, so stunning that I stand in awe of what I see.....for a brief moment, speechless and tranfixed knowing how blessed I am.

"What?" comes the word from your lips.

"Oh nothing, I was just looking at you."

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